Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Session // Elizabeth & Kevin

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” // Virginia Woolf

Back in January I participated in the Indianapolis Bride Expo bridal show. It was a fun two days of meeting amazing brides who were so excited to plan their special day. As with any bridal show I run a raffle for a complimentary engagement session! When I pulled names out of the proverbial hat, Elizabeth + Kevin were the lucky winners and I’m so glad they were! A couple weeks ago I had the very distinct pleasure of spending a Saturday with them to not only photograph and document their love but I also was able to learn more about who they are as a couple.

During our time together I learned so many things. I learned that they met through mutual friends, but ultimately on the dance floor. ;) I learned that their first date was at The Wellington Pub in Broad Ripple. That Elizabeth celebrated her birthday at Bluebeard while Kevin celebrated his at Bakersfield. I learned that while Kevin is a little more picky when it comes to food, Elizabeth’s foodie heart has opened him up to new things. I learned that they love trying new restaurants and that apparently The Eagle and Ball and Biscuit on Mass Ave are DEFINITELY worth a try. I learned she was a school teacher and he a tennis coach. They love to travel, drink wine, and spend nights outside at home with their adorable pup Flynn. This is why I love what I do. Before walking into their engagement session I knew nothing about them but two names and a wedding date. Now I know so much more and I feel like I made friends with some incredible people. And I think our tour d’Indianapolis engagement session was better because of it.

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Elizabeth has a love of lavender and has it all throughout her house. She also loves Anthropologie where she admits is where she acquired her love of lavender.

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The duo had their first date at this bar, The Wellington Pub, in Broad Ripple three years ago. They said they enjoyed drinking and playing some darts. So we felt like this was fun to relive.

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After leave The Wellington we decided to hop over to Bakersfield and Bluebeard where they both celebrated their birthdays. Also Ball and Biscuit, another restaurant they frequented. It was fun exploring the important parts of Indianapolis through their eyes.

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Elizabeth and Kevin said they wanted their whole wedding and engagement session to celebrate the beauty and love that is Indianapolis. So when she said she wanted to have a “Thank You” photo for her guests on the day of the wedding and she said she wanted it at the #LoveIndy sign I was totally down. It just seemed like the right place to do it.

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They said they liked exposed brick and lots of color. So we found some open brick walls on Mass Ave and after a quick outfit change made our way over to the colorful brick wall mural across from The Alexander Hotel. It just makes such a fun backdrop.

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The next stop on our Indy tour was Hotel Tango distillery. Elizabeth said she loved the way the building looked and the light couldn’t have been more perfect. Plus, they brought their super adorable pup Flynn. He was seriously the life of the session! I just waned to snuggle and play with him!

Elizabeth’s friend, Allegra Waller from Bellissimo Salon and Spa in Carmel totally rocked out her hair. And then she had her makeup done by Bobbi Brown makeup. I thought she looked pretty stellar!

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After everything was said and done we made our way to the top of the Pulliam Square parking garage for some sweet sunset and skyline. These two definitely made looking adorable look easy! (It’s probably because they are!)

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Thank you so much Elizabeth + Kevin for trusting me to photograph your engagement session! I’m so glad we were able to cross paths and work together! I hope to work with you on your big day next June as well! You two are stellar people and I had such a blast working with you both! (Sorry the session ran so long Kevin, I was getting hangry too!) My husband and I cannot wait to have a date night and try out The Eagle! You both are so awesome! Thanks again and congratulations on this incredibly exciting time in your lives!

Indianapolis, IN

Elizabeth + Kevin

Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Elizabeth | Teacher
Kevin | Tennis Coach

The Wedding

Wedding Date | June 9th, 2017
Wedding Venue | Crown Plaza at Historical Union Station


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