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Oh, where do I begin with this couple?! I have to say, I'm truly blessed, I have the most amazing couples ever! Courtney and Nick are such incredible people. They met at Ball State (Chirp Chirp!!) while they were working at Rec Services. She studied aquatics and he studied exercise science and now they both work for the amazing company, Outside the Box! They're amazing group facilitators working with people with special needs and if I didn't mention before, they're mega good at it!

When Nick told me he was going to propose to Courtney I may have peed my pants a little. (Not literally, I was just really excited!) After all of the excitement of the proposal Courtney asked me to be their photographer for their special day. Which was super amazing to me because although I had known Nick from high school, I didn't really know Courtney all that well. But she's super fun and amazing and we've become great friends through this whole process.

We planned for their engagement session in May in hopes that it would be warmer and nicer out than in April. But, alas, we live in Indiana and the weather can never be counted upon. It was slightly chilly and somewhat dreary outside but we made it work! We did have a wonderful time walking around Downtown Indianapolis. But first we started with their newly adopted doggie, only 8 months old, at the Broad Ripple Art Center!

Considering that she was only 8 months old, she behaved very well. Miss Bailey Mae was very sweet!

courtnick blog1

Both being scuba divers and lifeguards it was only natural that their save the dates was a scuba flag with their date on it. Courtney made this, of course, and it's stinking adorable!

courtnick blog2

After getting the last bit of Bailey Mae's energy out, we transferred to Downtown.


We found this super wicked underpass that was all painted and we just couldn't pass it up! Although the angle of the hill was incredibly awkward and I probably shouldn't have been running up it since I was 7 months pregnant, I was not afraid! The photos from this place were too good to pass up!

CourtNick SP-2

CourtNick SP-3

CourtNick SP-4

I love Courtney's laugh-smile in this one! I'm pretty sure I just made that term up, but I like it. Gonna use it from now on, laugh-smile.

After the incredibly crazy slanted underpass hill we went to the circle to where Nick proposed. I mean, it's only natural!! I think this one of the monument is one of my favorites. It's a landmark to our great city and I love it!

courtnick blog3

This photo was just funny! Courtney is always reading bridal magazines at work so I had her bring some with her to the session. I also told her to bring some diving magazines too. I just couldn't pass up this funny little moment we created!

CourtNick SP-7

Another favorite prop from their session! Outside the Box has an incredible art studio where the clients make all sorts of crazy awesome art. Courtney and Nick commissioned a frame for their wedding and engagement photos from the studio. It shows their date and it's all themed in a nautical style for their wedding. I loved the frame so much, I could have photographed it all day but I'll just stick with this super fun photo.

And for the record, no I did not tell Nick to put his arm up like that. He just did it. Because he's a baller like that. And yes, I just used the word baller.


Our last location was based on their mutual love for the Colts. So of course after a quick costume change, we made our way to the famous Lucas Oil Stadium and got some awesome shots of their adorableness!


CourtNick Esesh Blog-11

And I will leave you with this super sweet photo of them. I just love the look on Courtney's face in this one. So cute!

CourtNick Esesh Blog-10

I am super excited for Courtney and Nick's wedding in March of 2014 at The Mansion at Oak Hill! It cannot come soon enough! Until then, we'll all have to swoon over their super cute engagement session!

Courtney and Nick, I love you two! Can't wait until March 2014!

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Wedding Date | 03.15.2014 :: Indianapolis, IN
 + Carmel, IN
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Occupation | Group Facilitator at Outside the Box
Hometown | Indianapolis, IN

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