Colorful Downtown Indianapolis Fall Engagement Session // Kelsey & Drew

“If hope is life, then we’re the living... Here with you, the path has meaning.” // Worth the Wait by Milo

So today must be a Throwback... Tuesday? Because today I’m gonna show y’all some colorful magic I captured from last November of Kelsey + Drew in Downtown Indianapolis. We traveled all around City Way, around The Alexander Hotel, and Fountain Square capturing their love.

It was a snowy night in December of 2013 when Kelsey and Drew shared their first date. A first date perfect for two musicians Drew invited Kelsey to a show he was drumming in. Before the show they had dinner but it was during the show where Kelsey felt the magic. While Drew performed she watched in awe feeling like she was the only person in the crowd and he was performing just for her. Their love only grew over the next year and after a wonderful dinner at Eddie Merlot’s Drew brought Kelsey back to a white rose lined hallway to the presidential suite of The Alexander Hotel. It was here that Drew got down on one knee and proposed to Kelsey. After she said yes, Kelsey’s family joined them for celebratory drinks. After all of the anniversary and proposal festivities that evening were complete they had an engagement party at Kelsey’s parent’s house the next day!

These two have had such a fun and wonderful beginning that it was hard to top all of that with their engagement photos. It was a brisk day in November and Downtown Indianapolis was full of Colts fans. We worked our way through the crowds and made the best of what we had and I think we did a pretty darn good job. They said they liked color... they got color!! We started off their engagement session at a really cool record art display at The Alexander where they got engaged. Record art display for two musicians at the hotel they were engaged at?! Awwww yeeeeah!

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog 01

The Alexander has TONS of cool art pieces and I’ve seen this one in photos SO many times. But it fascinates me every time I see it. When I finally saw it in person it was definitely not what I expected. I love looking at it every single time. So I was really excited to not only photograph in front of it but also actually see it in real life!

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog 02

The light coming through these windows was just everything.

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog 03

All the places Kelsey + Drew wanted to photograph in were places I had been DYING to go to! As a wedding photographer who loves bright, vibrant, color it tends to be difficult to photograph the things I really want in a world of pastels and peonies. Pastels and peonies are absolutely beautiful, of course, but sometimes I like to photograph things with a little more edge. Kelsey + Drew not only allowed me to do this during their engagement session but fully embraced it! This colorful wall installation alongside a Downtown Indianapolis road was super fun to photograph. I was really bummed to see that it’s no longer on the walls when I drove past recently. :( Hopefully they’re replacing it with something even more awesome!

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog-04

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog-05


If you haven’t been to the City Way “district” (is that what we should call it?) of Indianapolis then you need to go. If I was ever going to live in Downtown Indy this is where I would want to live. It’s super cool and this apartment complex had all sorts of cool things to photograph in. Hopefully the neighbors didn’t mind!!

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog-06

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog 07


We traveled back to The Alexander to try and eek out some photos on the colorful walls across the street from the hotel. Unfortunately, there was a Colts game that day and the parking lot that the colorful walls are in were completely blocked by parked cars. We managed to use this cool ivy wall and the wall around the corner to get some magnificent color in their photos. I’m obsessed with this green.

You also may recognize this wall from our head shot photos. I fell in love with the color and geometric lines so much my team and I braved a cold March day to have our head shots done there! #WorthIt

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog-08

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog-09


After the Colts crowd became too much for us we made our way to Fountain Square to get some more photos of this fabulous duo. I’m so glad we went over there because some of my favorite little Indy nooks and crannies are in Fountain Square.

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog 10

Like this really weird but totally rad emoji art installation. I told Kelsey my favorite emoji was the heart eyes and she was totally cool with my weird idea for photos. #HeartEyesForDays.

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog 11

We finished off the evening sitting on a little curb next to a cute little house. The two of them snuggled up to feel the warmth of each other’s embrace. Everyone was cold, Drew was hungry, but we made due with the day we had. I left with my creative, colorful, vibrant, heart filled with joy and hopefully they left feeling the same way. (Maybe after some dinner first!)

KelseyDrew Esesh Blog 12

Thank you so much Kelsey + Drew for allowing me to be part of your special day and document your memories. It’s been so wonderful getting to know you both over these last few months. I’ve had a blast working with you guys! Thank you both for being super awesome!

Indianapolis, IN

Kelsey + Drew

Current City | Fishers, IN
Kelsey | Financial Planner + Musician in the band Milo
Drew | Assistant Manager of Customer Care + Musician in the band Milo

The Wedding

Wedding Date | June 25th, 2016
Wedding Venue | The Ritz Charles

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