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Sunday mornings. That lazy day of the week that even as a busy family of wedding photographers and hard workers we still have time to enjoy.

Usually, our family isn't one for too much tradition. But as of lately we have developed at least one.



 It all began with my step-son the picky eater and a Christmas morning. On Christmas morning in 2012 I decided to have cinnamon rolls for my step-son (the pickiest eater in existence) so he would have something delicious to eat before opening presents. (Cause I'm mom of the year like that!) 

After making cinnamon rolls that morning and realizing how easy it was to get him to eat breakfast I decided to start doing it more often. I hated constantly feeding him strawberry Pop-Tarts every Saturday and Sunday morning. Not to mention, 15 minutes to warm, cinnamony, delicious goodness isn't a bad deal on a Sunday morning.

Now, all of the sudden, every other Sunday (the Sundays we have my step-son) we have cinnamon rolls in the morning! It's become our little Sunday morning tradition. Even my husband, the "I never want to wake up before 12PM on a Sunday" man, gets up and enjoys cinnamon rolls with us.

(But seriously, who would pass up warm cinnamon rolls and cold milk? Not me!)

Now as for the Sundays we DON'T have my step-son? Our tradition is to sleep as long as humanly possible and wake up just in time for lunch... and still eat breakfast.


That's all for now. Keep rockin' my friends.

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