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No really, I do. All the other husbys out there think they're the greatest...


Okay, so I can't actually speak for the other husbys out there but I can speak about mine.

My husby brought me chocolates. Not just any chocolates... GOOD'S CHOCOLATES!

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So let me shed a little light on this situation. My husband (husby) is not by any means a planner. He's a


kinda guy. I on the other hand am a


To say we balance each other out is an understatement.

So my husband, the non-planner, has been planning to buy me chocolates for a month now. And not only buy them for me, but surprise me with them too. Which is extra planning.

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Apparently because I surprised him with a card on Valentine's Day (we're not usually card people) and he didn't have anything for me he decided THEN that he would do something for me on the 14th of March. Granted, last night was the 13th but he knew I was going to leave in the morning on Friday and not see me until after my wedding on Saturday (What! What! Nick + Courtney!). 

When I walked in the door today at 7pm, I saw two little boxes of Good's Chocolate sitting on my laptop. Good's is a local chocolate shop in Anderson where we live and ERHMUHGERD it's SERRRRRR GERRRRD! If you didn't catch that, I said, it's SOOOOO GOOOOOD!

So imagine my delight coming home from a long day to see two lovely little boxes of chocolates so nicely placed on my laptop.

He said it was for Valentine's Day, for St. Patty's Day (somewhat of an anniversary for us since it's when we first hung out for an extended period of time), and Black Day. Black Day being a Korean holiday to oppose their White Day where men buy women chocolates. In Korea they have two separate days, one where women buy the chocolates and one where men buy the chocolates.

It was very sweet of him. My husband isn't the romantic type and certainly not a planner. But sometime's he surprises me. 

Like with delicious white chocolate truffles.

Chocolates-66 WEB

So Happy Valentine's Day honey. And Happy St. Patty's Day. And Happy Black Day. We might as well throw Easter and Mother's Day in there too because I know I wont be due for another surprise for while. So I'll just indulge in this tasty one for now.


Keep Rockin', lovers and friends. xxoo.

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