Chicago Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk & Millennium Park Engagement // Sunshine & Keith

"I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you." // The Alchemist

Now that I’ve FINALLY gotten back into the groove of blogging weddings I’m finally starting to blog engagement sessions again! Yippie!! I will be going back and blogging some older ones from last year in the next coming months but for now I’m going to focus on engagement sessions I’ve photographed this year. First up on the list... Sunshine & Keith!

Over Memorial Day weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Sunshine & Keith’s engagement session in the wonderful city of Chicago! It was super fun we traveled around The Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk and Millennium Park. Another fun part of this session was that Matt and I were able to take a weekend and drive up there to stay in Chicago and use it as a belated anniversary trip! So thank you to Sunshine & Keith for suggesting the location but it was a fantastic idea! Plus I think these pictures are the proof that the session was killer.

Sunshine & Keith decided that they wanted their son to be involved in the photos. Which makes sense because he’s their kid! Also, Chicago is a special place for them as a family. They visit there often together so it only made sense to bring him along. He was SO excited. He was definitely the most well behaved kid I’ve worked with! Better than my kiddos for sure! He was so thrilled to be there and every location we went to was either “So Cool!” or “This is beautiful!” It was refreshing to see a kid so excited about photo locations and taking photos with his parents. You could definitely feel the love in their photos! But don’t worry! We made sure to get some solid shots of just the two of them as well!

We started Sunshine & Keith's engagement session at the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk. I had been here before when I photograph Kim & James' maternity session a few years back and I remember it being a really awesome spot. The only problem was when I was here Kim & James lived IN the city. So they knew their way around on all of the transportation and all of the cool locations. So when we did their session they were just like, "We're going to go here!" And I just nodded and agreed! Haha! But this time the couple said, "We want to go to Lincoln Park but we don't know where in Lincoln Park. Admittedly neither of us realized how big Lincoln Park actually was. (Forgive us Chicagoans... us Hoosiers aren't as familiar with your large city parks!) 

So I texted Kim and asked her where we went for her engagement session. Unfortunately, Kim couldn't remember exactly where we were for the session. All I remembered was that we were near the Lincoln Park Zoo. So after Matt and I did a bunch of walking at the Lincoln Park Zoo while I had tons of camera equipment strapped to my body and NO proper footwear we FINALLY found this spot! It was a stunning location with water, the city skyline, trees, plant life, and this rad bubble arch. Only one problem... it was a beautiful Saturday at the end of May on a holiday weekend. AKA... CRAWLING with weddings, high schoolers at prom, and other photo sessions. But we managed to make it work. We were able to sneak in real quick to this bubble arch while a bunch of teenagers were taking prom photos. They were kind enough to step aside while we snagged a few good photos and then let us go on our way. I can see why it's a popular spot. Such a great view of the skyline from here and the arch really frames it up quite nicely! But the real star of this photo are Sunshine, Keith, and Chris snuggling it up laughing together. Such a great shot!

Y'all know I love a good walking photo. But I love how much fun Chris had with this action pose. Plus the boardwalks at the park and the city in the background made it pretty great. It's like a little nature reserve haven inside of the city. I loved it!!

This little patch of golden sun throughout the trees and the skyline behind this bridge!! Heart eyes for days!

After we left Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk we made our way to Millennium Park. Now... Millennium Park on a beautiful Saturday in Chicago is usually pretty busy. Put it on a beautiful Saturday in Chicago on a holiday weekend... and THEN throw a concert at the park into the mix. Fahgettaboutit!! It was MAD busy at Millennium Park that day. But I was determined to get some shots for them! So we found some little nooks and pockets with less people in them. And despite the crowds we managed to find some killer spots for photos.

Seriously, how cute are they?!

One of my favorite spots we photographed at was the fountain and reflecting pool. Also known as, Crown Fountain. I loved the light from the towers and how it reflected on the pond. Plus any excuse to get my clients to splash water at each other I'm definitely down for it! So yeah there may be a bunch of people in the background but hey, it's Millennium Park on a busy Saturday!!

After a costume change we utilized what little bit of natural light we had left to capture a few more photos of them in different outfits. I love how all of the city lights look like giant orbs of light. Seriously... the best! Plus, I love Sunshine's dress! Totally has this like... 60's/70's vibe. Which I was totally into. Plus all of that gorgeous hair of hers!! 

Keith was super excited about his suit jacket. And I'm always down for a colored jacket. So yeah, I was definitely into that!

City time snuggles. I'm all about it. Seriously, they're so cute.




Sunshine | Nurse
Keith | N/A
Current City | Lafayette, IN


Wedding Venue | The Indiana State House & The Community Life Center
Wedding Date | 11.04.2017


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