Adventures In Time & Space Outdoor Geek Wedding // Haly & Wes


All the things you need for an awesomely geeky wedding at an old ski lodge! Haly + Wes made a promise to love each other at his mom's property surrounded by family, friends, some horses, a baby goat, and maybe a little bit of rain.

Haly + Wes met through the sci-fi convention scene due to many mutual friends and a mutual love for all things geeky. From the minute they met it was a perfect match. It's said that everyone has a person and they are each other's person. Once they finally were engaged there was no doubt that their personalities and their love of sci-fi would make it into the wedding. From every wedding party member having a viking or medieval weapon to having a "cookie bearer," because, "Come to the dark side, we have cookies." This wedding was personally, 100% them.

Although it rained all morning and even into the early afternoon they didn't let it get them down. Mother Nature let up just before it was time for pictures and we were able to work out some pretty awesome photos for them! I was so happy to be part of their day!

Dearinger SP 15 web

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