Amanda + Tony :: Maternity


You know how when you buy something new you suddenly start noticing tons of people have the same thing? Or when you finally are introduced to something new you finally notice you've been surrounded by said object all your life and you just never noticed?

Well the same thing goes for babies. 

Once you get pregnant and have a baby all the sudden there are babies EV-ER-Y-WHERE! All of your friends are having babies. The friends you have that already have children, suddenly their kids' photos show up in your Facebook newsfeed more, there seems to be an increase in cute babies at the local store. Your Pinterest is flooded with newborn and kid photos.


So it was no surprise that once I found out I was pregnant with Beckett several of my past clients were also pregnant with their first children. Loretta + Blake had their first little one this year. Paige + Emilio. And of course, Amanda + Tony. 

Amanda + Tony are unique clients in that they live in Ohio but drive here to Indy for me to photograph them on a regular basis. So when I was running a special it was no surpise that I had an inbox from Amanda wanting me to photograph her maternity photos. 

Of course I was super pumped because she wanted to do winter maternity photos in the snow so I was just in a winter photographer wonderland. It was so much fun photographing these two. And although being bogged down with work and taking care of my own child I didn't deliver their photos until the weekend they had little Adalyn the end result was still incredible.

Siegrist Maternity SP-8 WEB

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Kim + James :: Gender Reveal


Which is it? So many parents-to-be anticipate this moment where they find out if they're going to be buying pink or blue. (Or whatever strikes your fancy for your gender!) It's a pivitol moment in your pregnancy and I know I very highly anticipated the moment we found out we were having a sweet little boy. If you remember, we did our own gender reveal photographing myself eating some delicious Gigi's cupcakes. (Mmm...) But in this instance I had the honor and priviledge to be in the moment with this lovely couple as they found out if they were having a boy or a girl.

Kim and James are old time friends of mine. Kim was roommates with my childhood friend Kari back in our Freshman year at Ball State. They hit it off pretty well and stayed roommates for years after they left the dorms. Due to my friendship with Kari that sort of rebirthed in college I became good friends with Kim. Kim and James met while we were attending school and their relationship has blossomed and grown through graduation, grad school, and a big move to The Windy City for Kim's new "big girl job" upon graduation. Of course when Kim told me she was pregnant I was thrilled for her. And even more so thrilled and honored when she asked me to photograph not only their gender reveal but their maternity photos in June of 2014. So keep your eyes peeled for an extra special Chicago maternity session featuring this adorable couple!

For their gender reveal they decided to throw colored powder in the air depending on the gender. They brought along assistants to throw the powder for them so they wouldn't know the actual gender until the powder was in the air. It was a surprise for not only the people who would view the photos later but for themselves too. So cool! After they threw the gender specific color they threw the other color in a good old fashioned color fight! 

Watch the reveal unfold!

KimJames GenderReveal-40 WEB

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