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Oh where do I begin with this lovely couple!? Cait and I have known each other for around 10 years! It all started when I dated her twin brother back in my freshman year of high school!

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since I was a freshman in high school! Eek! I think that means I'm getting old!

Anyways, even after her brother and I broke up her and I stayed friends. Naturally I stalked her on Facebook and when Colin proposed I was super excited for them! Then she asked me to photograph their lovely wedding and engagement photos.

The three of us met over some Panera Bread (I've told you guys how much I love carbs haven't I?) and we planned this super cute camping themed engagement session!

Not only am I in love with their session, the props, and them; but I'm pretty sure I had a love affair with their adorable dachshund, Lars.

CaitColin SP-2

I mean, come on, HOW can you say no to that face?! You can't. You know I'm right.

CaitColin Blog-1

He was a snuggly little guy, he made me miss my little Buddy. I love how they seemed like a perfect little family just the three of them.

CaitColin SP-1

Cait brought along so many amazing props for this camping session. Including some books... including War and Peace. Yes, some light reading for their camping vacation adventure.

CaitColin Blog-2

Lars wanted to read too...

CaitColin Blog-3

Besides their dog I was also in love with this vintage lantern she found in, I think, Colin's grandma's garage.

CaitColin SP-3

caitcolin blog2

CaitColin Blog-8

They were so adorable together and with the sun setting I couldn't help myself to get some snuggly, romantic photos of the two of them. They were kind of perfect for it.


caitcolin blog1

If you got to know Cait and Colin (which you should cause they're awesome) you would know they like to have fun. They have fun stories about the adventures they've gone on and they're just a couple that likes to laugh. Which I like because it's easy to capture some natural laughter. I love how they interact with each other.


They also like to do a lot of different things. Camping is one of the things they're trying to get into more. I wanted to capture them near the water cause I felt like it suited them. I loved the lighting too.

CaitColin SP-10

I mean seriously, could they be ANY MORE adorable?! Probably, because it's them. They make us normal couples look bad.


I was already excited photograph their wedding but after this engagement session I'm now like super, mega, ultra, excited for it! They're having a fall wedding at the Community Life Center in Indianapolis. All I keep thinking is September cannot come fast enough!!

{ Indianapolis, IN }

[ Cait + Colin ]

Wedding Date | 9.15.2013 :: Indianapolis, IN
Together Since | 10.27.2007
Engaged Since | 04.04.2012
Current City | Indianapolis, IN

[ Cait ]
Occupation | Preschool Teacher + Children's Art Teacher
Hometown | Indianapolis, IN

[ Colin ]
Occupation | America China Society of Indiana
Hometown | Indianapolis, IN

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