Butler University + Eagle Creek Fall Engagement Session // Rachel & Matt

“We love because he loved us first.” // 1 John 4:19

When your clients are as adorable as these two and you have the beautiful fall leaves of Butler University’s campus you’re bound to have an amazing engagement session. And that’s exactly what happened when Rachel, Matt, + I spent an evening together last fall documenting their love. We walked all around Butler’s campus where they both were not only students but they were heavily involved in. Rachel an RA and double major in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Spanish was quite popular on the campus. Matt however, was also a double major in Bio Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry was also pretty popular that day. It seemed like everywhere we turned there was someone that the two of them knew that was waving to them and saying “hello.” It was actually pretty cool.

It’s no surprise the two of them have tons of friends and people that know them. They’re quite possibly some of the nicest people you would ever meet. So sweet and so friendly. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a nicer couple! I’m so excited to photograph their wedding day coming up NEXT WEEK! (I know, I’m behind on blogging their engagement session.)

Also, can we take a moment to talk about these fall leaves and colors?

RachelMatt Esesh Blog 01

If you haven’t been to Holcomb Gardens on Butler’s campus do yourself a favor and go. Especially in the fall. When the colors turn and the leaves are falling everywhere I promise you that you won’t regret it. Plus when you put an adorable couple in all that... magic.

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-02

RachelMatt Esesh Blog 03

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-04

RachelMatt Esesh Blog 05


All around the campus there were awesome little nooks and crannies. One of my favorite little treasures I found was this fun clock. Don’t ask me why I liked it so much, but I did!

RachelMatt Esesh Blog 06

RachelMatt Esesh Blog 07


This tree. Oh my. I loved it. #TreeGoals

RachelMatt Esesh Blog 08

Rachel + Matt said they spent many late nights in the student union’s Starbucks studying the night away. It seemed only fitting to get a quick little snap of the two of them together in front of Starbucks. Hopefully when they were there for school they were doing less smooching and more studying! ;)

RachelMatt Esesh Blog 09

More #TreeGoals. Seriously, if I could photograph in front of beautiful sunsets, colored trees, and gorgeous flowers all the time I would be the happiest photographer ever.

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-10

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-11


After we left Butler we adventured to Eagle Creek park and danced on the docks.

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-12

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-13

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-14

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-15

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-16


The last thing we did was get a fun night time shot of the two of them with our great city’s skyline in the background. These two totally have the dip down! It’s probably from their excellent dancing skills which I can’t wait to photograph at their wedding!

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-17

RachelMatt Esesh Blog-18


Thank you Rachel + Matt so much for bearing the cold and the misty/rainy weather for me last fall to capture your engagement photos! I know we’re going to have an amazing time at your wedding next week and I’m so excited to document it!

Indianapolis, IN

Rachel + Matt

Current City | Zionsville, IN
Rachel | Student
Matt | Student

The Wedding

Ceremony Venue | Advent Lutheran Church
Reception Venue | University High School of Indiana
Wedding Date | July 9th, 2016


Want to see more of Rachel & Matt? Click the left photo to see their garden inspired wedding!
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