Butler University and Mass Avenue Spring Engagement Session // Julia & Andrew

“As you walk down the fairway of life you must first smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.” // Ben Hogan

A couple weekends ago I was fortunate enough to spend a cold and windy Saturday with my lovely clients Julia + Andrew for their engagement session at Butler University and downtown Indianapolis. Despite the chill in the air it was a wonderful time for the three of us to spend together as we walked around Hinkle Fieldhouse, Holcomb Gardens, and Mass Avenue for their engagement photos.

Julia and Andrew met the summer before freshman year of college at Butler. They both have a love of golf and were about to be on the golf team their freshman year. They met at a golf event and it was history from there! They dated all through college and now that they’re graduated and living together with their sweet beagle pup, Lilly, they’re about to start the rest of their lives together!

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We got to explore around Hinkle Fieldhouse which was super cool for me because I’d never been inside there. I had seen the outside several times but never been inside. Julia and Andrew explained that they were very familiar with the place because they used to have to run up and down the steps inside... for their golf team. Which I had to laugh because I never assumed a golf team would have to do physical training in that matter. But I guess I was wrong! (Shows how much I know about golf! Haha! I then explained to them that I am particularly excellent in horizontal running.

We had fun taking some photos in there. I especially love the photos through the chain link fence. But I also really love the photo of them sitting in the bleachers in row number 17... for their wedding date!

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Since they met over a mutual love of golf, at a golfing event, for the golf team it was only fitting to incorporate their golf passion in their engagement session!

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After we finished up on the Butler campus the duo did a quick costume change and we made our way down to Mass Ave for some more photos. The couple live in Downtown Indy and they said that the feeling of downtown is definitely part of who they are. Since we had already incorporated where they met and and began their lives together it was perfect to find a way to incorporate the part of their new lives together into their engagement session.

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Thank you Shiraz wine bar for having a mad awesome leather chair sitting outside your shop. You da real MVP.

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I have always been draw to Silver in the City’s front window display (A+ in street marketing to whoever does that) so it was nice to snap a fun photo of the two of them in front of the store. Plus, Julia said she loved the store so it worked even more! I think her and I both could spend a day in there and still never get bored!

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We finished up the session at the #LoveIndy sign. I am SUPER proud of this photo. I’ve recently had a lot of clients that want to take a photo in front of this specific #LoveIndy sign, on Mass Ave. I’ve photographed it pretty much the same way every single time:

  • Stand Here.
  • Face Each Other.
  • Smile.

And then I just photograph it straight on. This time, I decided to do something a little different. I photographed the safe photo, of them standing, facing, looking, and smiling but then after that I decided to crawl my little butt into a bush and shoot through these bike racks. And I have to say, I’m in love with the result.

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Thank you so much Julia and Andrew for joining me outside on such a cold and windy evening! You two were awesome to work with and I had so much fun documenting your love! I can’t wait for your big day this September! It’s going to be a total blast and I can’t wait to see you both again and spend the day with you! Thanks for being awesome you two!

Indianapolis, IN

Julia + Andrew

Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Julia | Speech Language Pathologist
Andrew | 

The Wedding

Wedding Venue | The Biltwell Event Center
Wedding Date | September 17th, 2016

Want to see more of Julia & Andrew? Click the left photo to see their Biltwell Event Center wedding!
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