Brebeuf Jesuit High School Sweethearts Engagement Session // Brittany & Cody


They met in their freshman year of high school at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis during orientation, Spanish class to be exact. In a pre-cell phone era, Cody asked Brittany for her AIM Instant Messenger name that day. Cody played football and while Brittany was attended a game with her friends Cody met her in the bleachers to “ask her out.”

They started dating September 1st, 2006 but it was their family cruise during Christmas 2014 where Cody created an elaborate plan to propose to Brittany. By setting up a speaker playing their favorite song, Jack Johnson’s “Better Together”, along with a box full of pictures and a note telling her to put on a fancy dress and meet her parents in the atrium. She quickly found more family members with more notes he had written letters for each member of their families with different memories they shared. Through a scavenger hunt type adventure she finally reached the final letter telling her to him on the top deck of the ship where he proposed with the sun setting!

BrittCody Esesh HL 6 WEB

Because they met in high school we decided to their engagement session at their school campus, starting at a fountain that their graduating class had put in. en their class installed the fountain all of the students got to press their hand prints in the wet cement. Obviously, Brittany + Cody placed their hand prints next to each other.

BrittCody Esesh HL 2 WEB

BrittCody Esesh HL 5 WEB

Brebeuf had tons of beautiful places to photograph in but, ironically, my favorite place to photograph was the football field. It was just so fun.

Also, fun fact, my first time standing on a real football field.

BrittanyCody SP 2 web

BrittCody Esesh HL 29 WEB

BrittanyCody SP 1 web

And this is the spot where, sitting in front of Brittany, Cody asked her out and the whole relationship began.

BrittanyCody SP 3 web

This place was so cool, they even had this awesome wooded path for the cross country runners. I kinda loved it.

BrittCody Esesh HL 59 WEB

Once we finished at the school we went to Lion’s Park in Zionsville to a bench overlooking the creek where they shared their first kiss. Naturally, we had to snap at least one quick photo on this bench.

BrittCody Esesh HL 67 WEB

I was pretty excited when Brittany + Cody were both all for getting in the creek for some awesome creek photos. I absolutely loved having the time to work with them in the creek and they were totally open to my ideas and willing to hang out for awhile while we snapped some absolutely magical and amazing photos!

BrittanyCody SP 4 web

BrittanyCody SP 6 web

BrittCody Esesh HL 127 WEB

Also, can we pause for just one moment to talk about how BEAUTIFUL Brittany is?! Girl, you be STUN-NING! You’re going to make an absolutely beautiful bride!

BrittCody Esesh HL 122 WEB

I just have to say, these two are the most fun.

Brittany + Cody, I am absolutely thrilled to be your wedding photographer! I cannot wait to photograph all of your special moments at what is sure to be an amazing wedding at The Omni Severin! May 2016 can’t come soon enough! Until then I guess we will just have to keep texting each other awkward emojis! Thank you again for choosing me to be part of your day!

BrittCody Esesh HL 137 WEB



Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Brittany | Student
Cody | Student


Wedding Date | May 14th, 2016
Wedding Ceremony | Zionsville Presbyterian Church
Wedding Reception | The Omni Severin Hotel :: Indianapolis

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