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"Ask her what she craved and she'd get a little frantic about things like books, the woods, music. Plants and the seasons. Also freedom." // Charles Frazier

In honor of Independence Day for our dear country I am sharing this fun styled shoot I did a little over a month ago. I can come up with this idea that I wanted to photograph an Americana wedding shoot, but every Americana styled shoot I had seen was very vintage in the 1940's/1950's style. Which makes sense. The United States went through a huge surge of patriotism due to the second World War. But, being myself, I wanted to photograph it in a different way. The Americana look is definitely "in" right now. You can't walk through any clothing store without seeing something with red, white, blue and some stars plastered on it. Which is kind of cool. Yay America! So I wanted to blend this Americana trend and the current boho-hippie trend that's happening and throw it all into a wedding photo shoot. The result was an awesomely tatted up gal with her bearded fiancée with an American flag, an open field, and pure freedom.

BohoAmericana HL 5 blog

Since it was a styled shoot there isn't much to write about except that my couple that offered up their time were pretty flipping awesome. Brittany + Derek are a real life couple getting married this October, ON HALLOWEEN! (SO cool!) I am not photographing their wedding, we just met right before this photo shoot. But they were super great people and I can't wait to see the wedding photos they do have. I know it'll be great. You can tell they're crazy about each other!

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Plus, Brittany is just freaking awesome with all of her tattoos.

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She also has a wicked wedding ring. I was so excited we had some awesome jewels to work with. And that hair and makeup? That's courtesy of my bestest gal, Ashley. She's pretty amazing! You should definitely use her for your wedding. Because, well, she's amazing.

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I also had my chance at trying my hand at some bouquet making. I was pretty proud that I was able to create this beauty. AND I incorporated succulents. Boom.

BohoAmericana HL 10 blog

We wanted to give two different looks that showed a more casual wedding look. Great for outdoor or backyard weddings. So we did a costume change into a sweet denim vest. Plus this awesome couch provided by Violet Vintage equals extra awesomeness.

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They were such a sweet and fun couple. Up for anything. I loved it. I think we might try to go out and do another photo shoot with the same outfits and get some sunset photos. It was cloudy the day we did this shoot. #SadFACE But they brought the brightness all on their own!

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Like I said, Ashley killlllllllled it on the hair and makeup. I love this boho headband hairstyle. And plus, red lipstick is totally my jam.

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BohoAmericana HL 19 blog

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At the end of it all we climbed up a little hill for some open field action.

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BohoAmericana HL 25 blog

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And the last shot of the evening was Brittany in this awesome blue chair, also from Violet Vintage.

BohoAmericana HL 31 blog

It was great to photograph this fun styled shoot and execute an idea I had swimming around in my head. Plus I got to work with great people like Ashley, Brittany + Derek, and Violet Vintage. Thank you to everyone who donated their time, products, and effort to this shoot. It was so great to work with everyone!

Happy Fourth Of July to everyone! Don't light yourself on fire with a sparkler!





Hair + Makeup: Ashley Huse
Vintage Couch + Chair: Violet Vintage

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