Anderson Intimate & Rustic Barn at Hawks Point Wedding // Kerri & Jonny

Cowboy Boots, Teal, Maroon, & Owls...

You betchya. All those things fit beautifully together one Sunday afternoon for Kerri + Jonny’s wedding at The Barn at Hawks Point in Anderson, IN. The duo traded their handwritten vows in an intimate ceremony at the barn’s beautiful outdoor ceremony space. It was a wonderfully fun day that I was so incredibly honored to document for my past college “hallway mate” aka “wingman.” Kerri and I go way back even before college having a mutual friend from childhood. But it was in college at Ball State University where we lived across the hall from each other that we truly bonded. Even after many fun times going to dorm sponsored black light parties and “studying” in the study lounge I never would have though back then I would be photographing her wedding! It was so wonderful to get to know Jonny and see her family again through this process!

Kerri + Jonny’s wedding was a fun mix of Kerri’s bold personality mixed with Jonny’s flair for the rustic. Complete with bright teal and lovely maroon, her love of owls, his love of feathers, sports team loves, cowboy boots, and wood slices. Their wedding was just full of personal touches. And I was so glad to be there to document it!

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Kerri + Jonny are both big time DIY-ers. Kerri even works for JoAnn Fabrics and I’ve seen her make all sorts of awesome crafty things. But I really feel like her skills have started to show when she started refurbishing furniture. I love this wood slice “ring pillow” she made for the wedding day, complete with their initials.

Plus all of their other fun rustic chic details. Including their cowboy boots, his personalized stitched in tie note, her owl necklace, and her hand made garters!

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I loved the look of the teal bridesmaids dresses against the other maroon accents of the wedding. Plus can we talk about how this couch in the bridal suite was like... meant to be? Heart eyes for days.

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Those lace details though... I’m a sucker for a lace dress. In another life I will renew my vows to my amazing spouse and I will wear a beautiful lace dress. In this other life I will also be skinny but who’s keeping track of those details!!??

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There’s just something about having your mom and best friends around helping you get ready. These are some of my favorite moments on a wedding day.

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The Barn at Hawks Point has this beautiful outdoor ceremony space with a lovely pergola and the walk way is PAVED. Let me repeat that.... PAVED. Yes ladies, that means if you choose to not wear flats, wedges, or cowboy boots your heels will not sink in and aerate the lawn the whole ceremony! These are wonderful things I tell you... WONDERFUL! Plus, it’s just a lovely backdrop to get married in. I was all about it! Kerri + Jonny’s sweet details at the ceremony site dressed up an already lovely spot with their personal style!

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Kerri’s father passed away before I had even met her. I know that her father was incredibly important to her and she was super close to him. But what I found so touching was that halfway down the aisle her mother met up with Kerri and joined her side to give her away to her new groom. It was quite possibly one of my most favorite moments of the wedding day. There were definitely a lot of tears shed here. Maybe even a few by me! (Don’t judge!) After the ceremony Kerri + Jonny joined hands and she was able to walk back up the aisle with her new man by her side. It felt a little full circle to me.

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Also, talk about joining up... the groom’s daughter decided she was going to be the cutest Junior Bridesmaid and escort some handsome ring bearers back up the aisle after the ceremony. This photo kills me. Kids are hilarious!

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After the ceremony ended and family formals had come to a close it was time to take the bride and groom and the wedding party out for some photos. I was pretty smitten with Kerri’s bouquet because it reminded me of my own wedding with red gerber daisies in my bouquet. But possibly my favorite part of the bouquet was the photo she had of her father tied around it. So sweet and sentimental.

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How fun and sweet are this wedding party? I know I’ve told y’all how much I love a small wedding party. Maybe it’s the introvert me but a small wedding party is always fun and cooperative and these six totally fit the bill! I loved them all!

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Ladies and gentleman... my childhood/college friend/wingman is one heck of a stunner! Yeah. I said it!

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Baue Wed Blog-23I told you she loved her Daddy! Sweetest tattoo ever!

Bride + Groom photos in some incredible light with an adorable couple! Yes... All the yes.

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This barn made for wonderful photos all around. I’m sure I’ve blabbed on and on about how much I love this barn but it was such a cool little location! Did I mention it’s also SEVEN MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE?! Bonus points!

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After portraits we made our way back into the barn for some details and prepping for the reception to begin. I loved these little personalized champagne flutes for the bride and groom! Also... cake! Yes... so much cake! THREE CAKES! Two traditional Norwegian wedding cakes, and a fun little cake that looked like a piece of tree trunk. And then more cake balls than you can handle! All of it was so delicious!

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Kerri + Jonny definitely share my love of puns with signs that said “Thanks for Poppin’ In” and “Love Is Brewing” for their popcorn and tea guest gifts. Hehehehe. Puns. I love them!

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How cute are these signs? And this couple! I love this photo! Which was totally an idea of my second shooter, Stephanie! She’s pretty much a rockstar! I love her!

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Ahhh the first dance! It’s one of my most favorite parts of weddings. I know I’ve told y’all this before. It’s that perfect moment where the bride and groom are so involved in each other the rest of the world ceases to exist. Kerri + Jonny were no different!

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Kerri and her mom shared what would traditionally be a father-daughter dance as a mother-daughter dance. But I felt that her dad should be involved. Here’s to you Papa Starkel!

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After the first dances Kerri + Jonny journeyed with me out to a field for sunset and needless to say the light and the love were SO worth it it. I love me some sunset light and these two rocked it out!

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Thank you SO much Kerri + Jonny for having me at your super special and super intimate wedding day. It was such an honor to capture all of your memories and I look forward to seeing more and more amazing things for the two of you in your future! It’s been amazing to see you, Kerri, go from my college “wingman” to an amazingly in love woman with an equally amazing man and family. I love you both so much! I wish you so many years of happiness!

Anderson, IN


Kerri + Jonny

Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Kerri | Store Manager
Jonny | Salesman

The Wedding

Ceremony + Reception | The Barn at Hawks Point
Catering | Big Hoffa Barbecue
Cake | Classic Cakes
Cake Pops | Vanilla Bean Bakery
Florals | Cheryl Atchley
Hair + Makeup | Ellen Reinhard :: Cousin of the Bride
Bride’s Dress | Unique Boutique & Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groom’s Attire | Kohl’s :: Designed By Bride
Groomsmen Attire | Kohl’s :: Designed By Bride
Papergoods | DIY
Entertainment | Midwest Sound
Second Photographer | Stephanie Duncan

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