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Let me tell you a little story about Alli + Rob. This past January I photographed Laura + Jon's wedding at The Mavris Arts + Event Center. It was a lovely winter day with tons of awesome people including a wicked fun bridal party. So I was trying t to carry Laura's huge poofy dress up to the third floor of the Mavris so I could hang it up for the dress photo. Here's where Alli came in. Bridesmaid of the year, she jumps up and offers to help me carry the dress and place it where I needed to for the dress photo. Then she so casually says,

"I'm getting married this December and I haven't gotten a photographer yet. I can't wait to see their photos cause I might book with you!" 

Awesome. No pressure. 

No really. It turned out wonderfully. She saw my same day slideshow. Saw Laura + Jon's wedding photos on Facebook and of course she was able to see me in action throughout the day. Soon after the wedding we sat down for some lunch at Panera and got her day all scheduled out. We booked an engagement session for a lovely evening in May. The weather turned beautiful and the sunset was just gorgeous. I really enjoyed working with them and had so much fun getting to know Alli's fiancé, Rob. I'm really looking forward to their wedding this December. I know it will be a fun time and knowing that my bride, Laura, will be there will make it so much more fun!

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Their pups were so adorable! I'm so glad they brought them to the session. They definitely made a perfect addition!

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The sunset that night was absolutely GORG-E-OUS! And it anyone knows me at all they know I love me a good lens flare. So... you know... there's that. 

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Hello beautiful blue sky and clouds!

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Natural laughs make me a happy person on the inside. Thier personalities totally clicked with mine. Laid back and fun. I can't take anything TOO seriously.

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Hey there pretty lady! :)

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This one might be one of my favorites from the session. It's definitely one that Alli liked a lot. 

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Alli + Rob, I absolutely cannot wait to photograph your wedding this December at the Indianapolis Marriott North. I know we will have a blast and I know we will get some wicked awesome pictures. Until then... keep on keepin' on!


Carmel, IN


Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Alli | Rooms Controller :: Indianapolis Marriott North
Rob | Loss Prevention :: Target


Wedding Date | 12.13.14
Wedding Venue | Indianapolis Marriott North






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Guest - Alli Martin on Friday, 10 October 2014 14:07

You are truly an amazing photographer. I am so honored to have you capture the most important days of our lives.

You are truly an amazing photographer. I am so honored to have you capture the most important days of our lives.