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“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure that I’m arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.” // The Hobbit

I’m excited to share MORE images today from my 2016 Favorites series. I’m getting a little sad because we’re at our second to last category, Wedding Portraits, which means that the series is almost over. So it’s a little bittersweet but I do enjoy this category a lot. The “Wedding Portraits” category is a BIT of a hodge podge, so please bare with me as you look through my top 10 favorite wedding photos of wedding parties, bridesmaids, groomsmen, solo brides, and solo grooms. Basically everything that isn’t what we’ve done so far or the wedding couple by themselves. 

One of my favorite parts of this category is that it features a lot of wedding party photos. The friends you choose to have with you on your wedding day are so important and it’s important that they’re well documented. Typically these people are your BEST friends or your siblings. Either way, you’re extremely close to them and they really do set the tone for how the day is going to be. They can be so helpful and so encouraging during the nervous and exciting moments leading up to walking down the aisle. Having friends that can be there to literally and figuratively hold your train, help you tie your tie, button your dress, get you a drink of water, pat you on the back, or give you a hanky. 

Outside of the wedding party this countdown includes photos of the bride by herself and the groom by himself, which I find to be important photos as well. Documenting how you looked by yourself, as an individual before the two of you became one is so important! Plus, you’re all gussied up! Might as well document that biz!

So let’s get on to the countdown and check out my top 10 favorite wedding portraits!




When your flower girls all have little flower crowns and ballerina inspired outfits and are as STINKING cute as these three PLUS the most adorable ring bearer ever... well they steal the show. It's true. I love how you can see everyone else looking at how cute they are while they just sit and cheese it up. They know they're adorable. See Kelsey & Drew's full blog post here.




Okay, this is probably one of the funniest groomsmen photos I've ever taken. I seriously was laughing so hard while taking it and I still laugh at it when I look at it. The bride and groom met on the golf team at Butler University so pretty much all of their wedding party were golfers. Especially the guys. So they all had a vision and really wanted to recreate a famous golf moment. Apparently, there is a very famous golf moment during the 1999 Ryder cup where Justin Leonard led America to win against Europe by sinking a 45-foot putt and just barely winning the cup. The photo happened when after he sank the putt him and his other teammates stormed the green resulting in the famous moment. If you want to see it for yourself I recommend just Google Image searching "1999 Ryder Cup" and you'll see tons of different angles of the moment. There's not really ONE photo that encapsulates the moment entirely. See Julia & Andrew's full blog post here.




This past year I really wanted to practice more playing with light and shadows to create really dynamic images. I am still trying to break my habit of everything having to be evenly lit but I felt like this photo was one of the first steps taken toward that goal. The room Cara got dressed in was quite small but I could control the light by shutting off all the lights and utilizing this one window to light her getting dressed. I ended up loving the lighting so much I took some bridal portraits of her. I love the dark shadows behind her and on the side of her face but how the window lights the other side of her face so evenly. Plus... that dress?! Heart eyes for days! See Cara & Nick's full blog post here.




Typically where there's a beautiful bride a handsome groom is soon to follow. I am pretttttty sure that Sean models in his off time. This dude had those model skills down. Plus, the lighting and finally mastering this window at Union Station makes this photo totally worth it. You'd think with windows as big as these there would be tons of light... but the light falls off really fast. And it's not as well lit as one would think. Not for a photographer at least! I still love this photo of Sean. See Jane & Sean's full blog post here.




Well I can't help it. When I get a good wedding party with tons of life and they are super awesome in photos they get featured a lot. So here's another shot of Julia & Andrew's golf group of a wedding party! Let me just say, bro on the right has some UPS! I can't tell you how many times he jumped before we got this photo. It was pretty spectacular. I also love this photo because you can see some of our city behind them ANNNNND it had just started to rain when we took this photo so I was like, "Let's hurry up y'all and get one fun photo before the rain really starts coming down." So we tried like 2 or 3 times to really get this photo. This one was the last one and it was perfect. But I love that you can see some of the rain falling in the photo. It's kind of hard to tel but you can see the raindrops against the blue glass of the JW Marriott!




This is my newest favorite groomsmen pose. I kind of randomly discovered how much I love it midway through the year. But I don't know why I feel like when I get a little lower and have them all look out in opposite directions they just look so epic. Like super heroes. So you know, it's your standard Mighty Ducks Flying V (Quack Quack!) but then I get a little lower, have them look away, and boom... super heroes. You're welcome guys. I'm only here to make you look epic AF! 




Okay, I promise this is the last one from Julia & Andrew's wedding! I just couldn't help it!! I especially love this one because it was an ACCIDENT! It was kind of windy that day and I was just trying to get a makeup shot and had her look down at her bouquet. Then the wind blew the one tendril of hair over her face. Afterwards I was like, "Hey can you pull that hair behind your ear?" But upon looking back at the images I actually LIKED the hair in front of her face a little bit, MUCH MORE! Obviously I'm covered and I have both options but still. Just shows how sometimes the wind can work in your favor and your perceived mistakes can become your favorite images!




Similar to the shot of this same group's groomsmen only photo but with the whole wedding party and our great Monument Circle! Again, I just feel like this is so epic! I love the lighting and how great everyone looks. Plus it's a nice change to the straight line photos I had been taking in the past and I felt like it was time to do something different. I love this shot so much.




Bridesmaids, they stand with you while you laugh and cry. They get ready with you. (Just like high school!) And sometimes they pull the leaves out of the skirt of your dress. Now, you might be asking why this photo isn't in the moments category. While yes, Miranda's dress did need some leave cleaning I was wanting a more natural photo of her and her ladies so I asked them to just fluff and clean out her dress. Yes, it's a little off brand for me to create a moment like this but I do like the natural feeling of this photo. And I love the tree in the foreground. So I think it was worth it to break the rules a little. They're my rules anyways! See Miranda & Jordan's full blog post here.




TA-DA! My favorite bridesmaid photo of the year! I freaking love this shot of Sarah with all of her maids. I love how they're all holding hands and linked together and how her maid of honor and her are laughing together with their heads touching. To me it's just perfect. I want bridesmaids to all look like their close and having a good time. Sometimes it comes off stiff, awkward, and unbelievable. Not these gals. They rocked it. Plus those cafe lights in the background? Y'all know how I swoon for twinkle lights. This photo just really does it for me. See Sarah & Steffan's full blog post here


That's it for this category! Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow for the FINAL SECTION of my 2016 Favorites posts, THE WEDDING COUPLE! If you haven't seen the previous posts including my favorite photos from moments, details, engagements, and second photographers. For those of you who have stuck through this whole series you're pretty incredible and I hope you enjoyed looking through all of the photos! 'Til tomorrow!

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