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“I’m on the job, you big nabob, you never, had a, friend, like me.” // Aladdin


It’s that time of the year again where I write my annual favorite photos blog posts. Same as last year, I have broken up my favorite photos into 5 categories: The Wedding Couple, Wedding Portraits, Details, Moments, and Engagements. But this year I have added a new category: Second Photographer.

It’s true that while I’m pretty darn good at what I do I can’t do it all alone. There are times I rely heavily on my second photographer. And while I do have a package that doesn’t include a second photographer, on days I don’t have my second with me I have to work twice as hard and there are moments that are bound to be missed. I simply cannot be everywhere at once and that is where having a second photographer REALLY comes in handy. Moments like cocktail hour; groom prep; and different angles during your portraits, ceremony, and reception. Primarily I work with my lead second photographer Stephanie Duncan but this year I was fortunate to be able to work with three other girls outside of Stephanie; Rachel Law (Rachel Susanna Photography), Robin Shannon (Robin Shannon Photography), and Alexis Coulter (Alexis Coulter Photography).  

All of these ladies, especially my girl Stephanie, helped me capture moments that I could not have captured or came up with poses that I didn’t think of right away. It’s easy to feature only photos I’ve taken all year long and say that I am able to do my job all alone but it’s simply not true. These ladies were by my side this year working long hours, on their feet, lugging equipment, driving all over the place, and being incredible support systems. They have taken countless photos at all of my weddings this year and there’s no way I could whittle down all of their amazing images into just 10 photos and really do them justice but here are ten photos, featuring all four of them that stick out in my mind. I have them ordered from 10 - 1 but I’ll be honest, it’s difficult to rank them! Thank you ladies for all of your help! Cheers to 2016 and a toast to what’s to come in 2017!



The worst part about working with Robin Shannon was that I didn’t get to ACTUALLY work with her! I had a wedding date this year that I had an associate photographer, Rachel, photograph for me. Rachel obviously also needed a second photographer and Robin was just the gal to save the day! One of my favorite parts about second photographers is that while we plan, plan, plan things are inevitably bound to run behind. Having a second photographer allows me to photograph the bridesmaids or something else while my second documents the groom and his groomsmen. This wedding was no exception. Thank you Robin for capturing Miah & all of his guys! See Toni & Miah’s full blog post here.


Photo By: Robin Shannon Photography



When I was photographing Andrea & Andy’s wedding in Austin, TX early in 2016 I had to find a photographer to help me out on the big day that was local to Austin. Luckily, when I was photographing Rashel & Michael’s wedding in 2015 I found out the bride’s sister was also a photographer. When I saw Alexis’ work from the wedding I was very impressed. When it came time to find someone in Texas I contacted her and she graciously drove from San Antonio to Austin to help me out on the big day. I love this moment she caught of the duo during their first dance. She Andrea & Andy’s full blog post here


Photo By: Alexis Coulter Photography



As always, it’s a pleasure to work with my lead second photographer, Stephanie. She’s always my go-to gal for finding a second and she’s an absolute dream to work with. By now with over 20 weddings under out belt together we work like a well oiled machine. I love this groomsmen shot she captured when the wedding day was running INSANELY behind. (Like over an hour and a half!) I’m so fortunate she captured these photos of Cody and his guys because when everything was said and done, I ended up with about 15 minutes to photograph the bride and groom, the bridesmaids, and the wedding party as a whole. Having one less thing to worry about made my job so much easier. Muh girl comin’ in clutch. See Brittany & Cody’s full blog post here.


Photo By: Stephanie Duncan Photography



Rachel Law is another girl that when I get the opportunity to work with her I am absolutely thrilled. When I needed someone to associate photograph Toni & Miah’s wedding I looked no further than Rachel. Rachel handled a chaotic, hot, long wedding day with beauty and grace. Things didn’t all go according to plan and when you’re photographing for someone else’s brand the pressure can really be on. She did a fantastic job and I think the photos turned out great. This has to be one of my favorites of the two of them. Thanks Rachel for always being kick ass and super awesome.


Photo By: Rachel Susanna Photography



One of my favorite things about having second photographers is that they have a different eye and are typically photographing from a different angle than you. And sometimes you end up with a photo from your second photographer that you like more than the one you took! This photo is one of those cases. I was taking a photo straight on of Julia & Andrew but Stephanie was off to the side and I like her angle much better than the angle I had! See Julia & Andrew’s full blog post here


Photo By: Stephanie Duncan Photography



Another fantastic photo from Rachel at Toni & Miah’s wedding. In my opinion Rachel REALLY excels at individual female portraits. Although her photos of Miah were FANTASTIC as well… this one of Toni gives me chills literally every time. Fist bumps all around! 


Photo By: Rachel Susanna Photography



I had an opportunity to work with Rachel this year that was outside of her associate photographing for me at Cara & Nick’s wedding. Sometimes Stephanie can’t work all the of the dates I have. Usually when this happens I call Rachel first because I love working with her and I love her work. This would also be another instance where I like the angle by my second better than mine. (I think I need to start practicing more side angles!!) I love this almost kiss! Heart eyes for days! See Cara & Nick’s full blog post here.


Photo By: Rachel Susanna Photography



Stephanie. Seriously. Staaahhhhhhp. Also… Sarah…. you can STAHHHHHHP as well! I got another angle of this photo and I freaking love it as well. But this photo from Sarah & Steffan’s wedding?! For reals?! I die! I love this shot. See Sarah & Steffan’s full blog post here


Photo By: Stephanie Duncan Photography



Okay… so I have to admit something here. I was looking through Cara & Nick’s wedding photos looking for good Moments for my later favorites category. I saw this photo and I was like, “Yes! I love this one!” I didn’t realize at the time that it was actually taken by Rachel! It wasn’t until I was looking for second photographer images that I realize that I was about to put one of her images in my favorites and pretend it was taken by me! Sorry Rachel! So here, you have proper credit for this amazing moment you captured for Cara & Nick! Thank you!  


Photo By: Rachel Susanna Photography



Sometimes while I’m trying to set up my off-camera flash for indoor photos Stephanie will take some test photos or test out some poses she wants to do. It gives her a chance to play and it keeps my clients from feeling like they’re just standing around doing nothing. The lighting doesn’t look the same as what I’m trying to achieve but that doesn’t make it bad. I LOVE the moodiness that the highlights and shadows of this photo of Jane & Sean creates. This photo gives me all of my moody lighting vibes. Seriously, stellar job Stephanie. I love this photo so so so much. See Jane & Sean’s full blog post here.


Photo By: Stephanie Duncan Photography


Thank you ladies for all that you do and all that you have done with and for me last year. I know the likelihood of working with some of you again is slim due to locations and schedules. But I will never pass up an opportunity to work with each one of you ladies again. I can’t wait until the 2017 schedule gets set and we can start working together again! Y’all rock! Thank you!


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