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“All eternity is in the moment.” // Mary Oliver

Yes! It’s here! We’re more than halfway done with the 2016 Favorites blog series and today I am going to bless your screens with the one category that may actually mean the most to me. I mean, I’m pretty darn passionate about engagement sessions but moments are really what make my job the best. Moments are the reason why I document weddings instead of any other type of portrait work. Yes, I realize weddings are events but there is a lot of portrait work on a wedding day, more so than a lot of other events. Moments are what fuel and inspire me me to work harder, click the shutter faster, pay closer attention, and ultimately do better. I don’t want to miss a single hand hold. That brief hug. Or even that one solo tear rolling down your cheek. I want to catch it all. It’s hard to catch it all, which is why my second photographer Stephanie is really helpful. But still. I want to capture all of your moments. Whether they’re funny or touching, I want you to have those moments.

This category is so important to me. It was so difficult to choose just ten moments to share with you, as most of my wedding days are moments. I hope you take some time to pull up a chair, bring your coffee cup closer to you and let it and these moments warm your heart. Feel free to text your loved ones after and tell them you love them. 



Anytime there is a heartfelt gift given, a personalized letter written, or some sort of something special given to my couple... I want to be there. Because 9 times out of 10 there's going to be some tears shed and that's what I want to capture. I don't care if you ugly cry, I'm taking the picture! In this case Toni's bridesmaids made her a special book filled with letters and pictures from all of them. It was pretty sweet. See Toni & Miah's full blog post here.




A lively dance floor is all any photographer and DJ could ask for during a reception. There's nothing worse than being at a reception for 2 hours of open dancing and no one. wants. to. dance. Now, that being said, if you and your crew aren't the dancing type that's TOTALLY OKAY! But in that case you probably don't need to spend that extra cash on having me stick around for more hours and you probably should forewarn your DJ that there probably won't be a lot of action on the floor. In the case of this wedding, no one had to worry. Aside from the fact that the groom was a regular groove machine all of their wedding party and friends danced quite heavily. Especially during the song Downtown by Macklemore. I've never seen a group get so into one song before. I'll also never be able to hear that song the same way again. See Miranda & Jordan's full blog post here.




It's not every day when you have clients Chambong-ing at the bar during their reception. And when you do... you definitely document it. This moment made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. Cara was an expert Chambong-er. See Cara & Nick's full blog post here.




Talk about a lively dance floor. I don't think I've ever photographed a wedding where literally everyone was dancing almost the whole night. I ended up staying past my contracted time because the dance floor was THAT lively. Not a butt in a seat. This group ALSO were experts at the Sweet Caroline circle song time. Everyone on the dance floor immediate got themselves into a circle, swayed, and sang. I jumped in the middle and caught this fantastic moment. I absolutely love this shot! See Julia & Andrew's full blog post here.




How many times can you say you've been to a wedding where the bride and groom are expert swing dancers? Literally everyone in their circle of family and friends liked to dance! And they were all good at it! But no one rocked a swing dance to Route 66 like Rachel & Matt. Seriously, this dance was perfect. And as a former dancer myself, my heart kind of exploded during this time. See Rachel & Matt's full blog post here.




Okay y'all. We're halfway through the list which means we're going to start getting into the emotional stuff. Grab a tissue if you cry easily! I love first dance photos and any first dance photo where I have twinkle lights behind the bride and groom is a winner in my book. Love this shot of Julia & Andrew.




Here come the waterworks! Luckily Kelsey is a super graceful crier as she wipes a tear during her dad's welcome speech. Drew held her hand the entire time. Perfect. See Kelsey & Drew's full blog post here.




Okay maybe not a tear jerker but this is hands down the best groom reaction I've had to a first look yet. Andrew was so excited to see Alison for the first time he just couldn't stand it! I mean look at that look on his face!! Perfect! Take note grooms!




I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for parent dances. Usually it's the mother-son dances that get me because well, Momma of Boys. But this father-daughter dance is giving me all the feels! Andrea is most definitely crying while her dad dances and sings to her during their first dance! Reminds me of when my dad and I used to dance around our living room. (I also never had a father-daughter dance because we decided to nix parent dances from our wedding... major FOMO!) See Andrea & Andrew's full blog post here.




And the number one winner, not gonna lie, gets me every time. I'm not a particularly religious person, but sometimes my clients are. And one thing that was super important to Heather and all of her bridesmaids is that they had a moment to pray together before walking down the aisle. Normally, I try to be sneaky about coming in on these extremely private and precious moments but they wanted me to document it. And I was happy to oblige. This moment is just so perfect and I know this photo means so much to Heather and all of her bridesmaids. It definitely deserves the #1 spot! See Heather & Obi's full blog post here.


That's it for today's installment of the 2016 Favorites! If you haven't seen the previous three posts be sure to check out the details, engagements, and second photographer favorites posts. Stay tuned for the final two posts of wedding portraits and the wedding couple portraits coming in the next few days!


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