2016 Favorites // Engagements

"Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know. I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress. It’s a love story, baby just say ‘Yes.’” // Taylor Swift

Get hyped y’all!! It’s the second installment in the 2016 favorites blog posts! This installment?! ENGAGEMENTS!

In my opinion engagement sessions are a really important part of the wedding photography process. I love this chance I get with my clients to photograph them without all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. No timelines to adhere to. No bridesmaids fighting for attention. No mom’s worrying about family photos. No coordinators fussing about staying on schedule. Just me. My clients. My lens. And the sunset. In a location of their choosing.

 These are my top 5 reasons why you should have an engagement session:
  1. You Should Be Celebrating! You just got engaged! Celebrate it!
  2. They're Extra Personal! You can personalize your engagement session to match exactly who you are as a couple!
  3. Less Watchful Eyes! It's just me and you baby! No one else. Less awkward, more fun.
  4. You Get A Chance For The Best Light! Sunset time is the best time and you don't always get time for it on the wedding day!
  5. It Gives Us A Chance To Get To Know Each Other! A full two hours of my undivided attention to learn who you are and for you to learn who I am!

I’m so passionate about engagement sessions that I have them included in all of my packages. I also have recently written a blog post that goes into each of these five reasons more in depth. If you'd like to read more about my love of engagement sessions, click here.

In 2016 I got to work with some amazing couples. Some I’ve already photographed their wedding. Some I have not. I cannot wait to see what my 2017 weddings hold and I cannot wait to photograph more couples this year.






This location was a last minute photo. I had said we were done but then I saw all of the bright purple lights coming from Mass Appeal and I just had to take one more photo! I love the vivid color! See Sara & Paul's full blog post here.




Natural smiles and sunsets are my absolute favorite. I'm also pretty fond of back alleys and random little nooks and crannies found in popular locations. Follow the light I always say.




Another instance of a little nook/cranny I found in Downtown Pendleton where I followed the sun. The light was absolutely gorgeous here. See Kaitlin & Nick's full blog post here.




Sometimes my favorite engagement sessions take place in my town of Pendleton. There's a cute little historic downtown area plus random beautiful fields drenched in sunset light. You never know what you're going to find when you're there. See Cara & Nick's full blog post here.




I've said this once... and I will say it again. And again. And again. And again. Parking garages are the unsung hero of the sunset urban engagement session. I love this watercolor sky overlooking Bankers Life Fieldhouse and the great city of Indianapolis.




One of the things I love about a city like Indianapolis is that in a two hour engagement session we can feasibly visit tons of different locations. This couple wanted to have pictures at all of their favorite different locations in the city and we were able to hit a lot of them! Plus this "field" with brick combo gives me all the heart eyes! Best part? This is just one little patch of tall grass outside Hotel Tango alongside the off-ramp from I-65. I'm literally standing on a median across the street from them to capture this image. But that sunlight! So perfect! #WorthIt See Elizabeth & Kevin's full blog post here.





Same parking garage as #6... different couple... different light. That's what I love about photography. You put a different couple in the same location with different light and you have a completely different image. I love the motion of this image of Shea twirling Lauren around on top of this parking garage. Plus those shoes that Lauren has on?! Heart eyes for days!




This photo is definitely up there as one of my favorites from my 2016 engagements! (Thus the ranking of #3!) I for reals am laying in a bush off Mass Ave in front of Bru Burger to get this angle. I had photographed clients at the I Love Indy signs multiple times but I really wanted to photograph this one differently! I was trying to think of a different angle when I looked over and saw the empty bike rack. So on the ground I went and into a bush in order to catch this super cool image. See Julia & Andrew's full blog post here.




This couple... man oh man I love them. They are so my type of people. After sending them their wedding gallery Jordan, the groom, sent me a GIF of Dean from Supernatural. He gets me. I was super psyched for their engagement session because it was my first time to photograph a couple at the IU Bloomington campus. It was such a fun place and yes we did photos in front of the Sample Gates and in all of the other iconic IU locations but my favorite photo is in the parking lot of a bar on Kirkwood in front of this random yellow VW Bus. I just thought it looked so cool. When I saw this image in my head I immediately was like, "So... umm... y'all are gonna think I'm crazy buutttttt... I want you to sit on the ground in front of this bus." They probably thought I was nuts but it turned out to be one of my most favorite images from their engagement session and ended up with over 75 likes on Instagram! So I'm not the only person who loves it! See Miranda & Jordan's full blog post here.




One of my most favorite things about my job (aside from documenting people crazy in love) is sometimes it gives me the opportunity to travel across the country! Usually travels are for weddings but this year I was fortunate enough to photograph an engagement session in Malibu, CA! Hands down one of the coolest work experiences of my life. Exploring California, photographing these two, and being able to visit my friend in San Diego... PLUS DISNEYLAND! It was such a blast. This photo, on the beach, with this couple, and this light. This engagement photo is seriously the epitome of my engagement session goals. Their whole session was stellar. Looooved it! See Anna & Zach's full blog post here.


Thanks for sticking through my top 10 favorite Engagement Session photos! If you didn't see my favorite Second Shooter photos post yesterday, be sure to check it out here. Stay tuned tomorrow for another installment of my 2016 favorite photos, DETAILS! Can't wait


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2016 Favorites // Details
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