2016 Favorites // Details

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” // Marilyn Monroe

Here we are at the THIRD installment of my 2016 Favorite photos… details. While details are not the MOST important part of your wedding day (I think we can leave that to the moments category) I do think it’s important to document your details. My goal when documenting a wedding day is to tell the story of your wedding day. So that when you and your children and their children look back on your wedding album you’re transported back to that special day. You see the colors. You see the fine little details that set the scene. You feel the emotions. But a key part of setting that scene is documenting the little details that set it. Maybe it’s the tiny locket with a photo of your grandmother that hangs from your bouquet. Maybe it’s personalized name cards you made sure to have at every table. Maybe it’s those shoes (you were determined to have) laying on a veil accented with lace from your mom’s wedding dress. These details may seem trivial but I find them to be an integral part of telling your wedding day story. So these photos may not be the MOST important part but they’re definitely PART of your story. 

Another favorite part of mine with detail photography is that I get the chance to utilize my creativity in finding light, a location, and placement of the details themselves. Because of this I’m usually pretty proud of these images, they are 100% mine and my creativity. So take a moment to look through some of my favorite detail photos from last year. 






It's true. I love a good well designed, and well lit tablescape. This table designed and put together by the staff of JPS Events at Regions Tower is up there as one of my favorites. The bride wanted an enchanted garden feel with wine and beer bottles mixed in and they delivered. The florals were stunning. I love the hanging floral arrangements definitely my favorite. I'm also pretty proud of my off-camera flash skills here really making the table light up. 




Too few of my clients actually save an invitation for me to photograph on their special day. If my clients mail me an invitation I always try to save it and bring it with me so I can photograph it. I ask my clients to bring one on the wedding day but they tend to get lost. I'm so glad Rachel didn't forget hers seeing as how she hand painted the design for the invitations! I love the garden feel mixed with her veil, the flowers from her mother's garden, and the hankie she bought in third grade to use at her wedding! See Rachel & Matt's full blog post here.




All too often on wedding days I arrive and the boutonniéres have already been pinned on the guys. Or if not they're not readily and easily available for me to document them. I'm so happy that at Sarah & Steffan's wedding these adorable little boots by the wonderful Lauren Brown of Woven Blooms were ready and available for individual documentation. Not to mention the farm table and cake platter provided by Mustard Seed Gardens. It was perfect. Definitely one of my favorite boutonniére photos to date! See Sarah & Steffan's full blog post here.




Groom details sometimes are really difficult. They don't have as much to photograph and typically they're all about the same. So they tend to look a little monotonous. But this groom, he really wanted to have his to-do list that reads "Get Married" and "Get #schmidtfaced16" on his phone documented. I loved it because aside from it breaking up the monotony of groom details it also was a challenge to find a way to incorporate his phone in a elegant and creative way that also allows for his other details to be shown. I think this photo definitely incapsulates that. I love this shot.




I love documenting the wedding dress. But the more and more I do it the more awkward it has started to feel. I used to always take the wedding dress outside and hang it up in like a tree or on the entry of the building. All sorts of odd places where the dress would never in fact be. And while, in this photo I did still do that I love this shot. I love the city in the background, their ceremony altar, and the LIGHT! The light on the rooftop at Regions Tower in this photo makes it all worth it. I love this shot and even though it's still in an unnatural place I think it works. 





Shoes. Shoeeeeeesssss. Most of us gals just love them. Some girls don't care about shoes. And that's okay. I will still document your bedazzled sandals, TOMs, and everything in between. But I love photographing me a good pair of wedding heels. Especially teal ones like these with adorable ankle straps! On the outside this photo just looks like a pair of shoes laying on a veil but I love this shot because the heels are laying in a causal way that, to me, seems natural. I also love that they're laying on the bride's cathedral veil that had lace from her mother's wedding dress put on it. I think it brings everything full circle. These are the little details I love to capture. See Brittany & Cody's full blog post here.




If I could photograph receptions with twinkle lights forever and always I would be the happiest photographer in the world. Sarah & Steffan's reception at Mustard Seed Gardens was no exception. I love these hand lettered marble place cards, they're seriously so cool. Set in front of the twinkle lights at their head table. I die. Giant orbs of light are pretty much my favorite.




This cake though. I mean half the people come to a wedding for cake anyways right?! No but seriously this cake by Heavenly Sweets was not only beautiful but delicious. I kept photographing it. Right before the cake cutting the staff at The Willows poured their champagne and I loved this shot with the wedding party at the candle lit head table in the background. Plus the light on this shot is seriously my favorite. #OffCameraFlashForDays! See Kaitlin & Nick's full blog post here.




Ring shots are pretty much my favorite pet project and my pride and joy. I love trying to find unique ways to highlight the metal rings that my couples wear for the rest of their lives. One of my favorite things to do is create sparkle. This is definitely one of my favorites from this year. These rings are actually on a pair of bridesmaids shoes with another pair in the background to give the sparkle. I set them in a patch of light and then shined my cell phone light on the shoes in the background to create the sparkle. Boom. Ring shot.




This is hands down my favorite detail photo from 2016. So many reasons why I love this photo but here we go:

  1. Sparkly rose gold Betsey Johnson wedding shoes?! Yes and please! Betsey makes some of my most favorite wedding shoes and the little ties on these little sparkly numbers definitely sold me!
  2. I had about two inches of space to get this photo. This photo is on the side of the bed by the wall where the window is. Against a brown air conditioning unit sitting on an ottoman with a bridesmaid's dress over top of it. The light was coming from the above window to create the fun lens flare. I had a bout two inches of space between the ottoman and the bed. My bride, Sara, graciously held the shoe string so I could hang the rings. It was difficult to get and because it was difficult and I pulled it off I love it more.
  3. The dark background makes the rings pop, PLUS it incorporates the rings in the shoe shot.
  4. I love me a good lens flare
  5. It's different and a little unique. Only features one shoe so your eye is drawn right to it and the rings.

That's it! I just love this shoe shot! 


ANNNNND because I had two bouquet photos that I just COULD NOT pick between because I loved them both so much this category has a BONUS PHOTO! My two favorite bouquets from 2016. Alison's beautiful bouquet designed by JPS Events at Regions Tower and Kaitlin's bouquet designed by Linda Vodney of Linda's Petals and Lace.


Thank you for sticking through this post and checking out all of my favorite detail photos from 2016! If you liked this post be sure to check out my engagements and second photographer favorites from 2016 as well! 


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