2015 Favorite Images of the Year // Wedding Portraits

“Goin' to the chapel and we're, gonna get married.” // The Dixie Cups

The wedding day is a crazy day of fun. Mostly photojournalistic with moments and documentation but I do have time to create some portraits for people. Of the bride, the groom, the wedding party, all of the people involved. These are the chances I get to be creative with the people involved on the wedding day. I love working with real people which creates challeneges but that's the best part! Most of these photos are bride and groom individuals with a few wedding party photos that I just love. Let’s ch-ch-check them out!

I love a handsome groom! I think they’re all handsome, but when they seem effortlessly handsome in front of my camera it’s pretty great. This groom and I had about 5 minutes to take some photos of just him and his boutonniere! I would like to say that with the time constraints I just love this photo.

10 WEB
Jenny + John: Historic Union Station

It’s not every day that I have a bride that’s bold enough to walk out on her wedding day with hot pink hair! I loved this bride and all of her bold choices with her wedding day, it made her wedding 100% uniquely hers,and her husband’s of course! Plus this girl is just stunning.

09 WEB
Stephanie + Alan: Indiana Historical Society

If I’ve mentioned it once, I’ll mention it a million times... as a creative I love styled photo shoots. My passion is weddings, and trust me... I looooove my couples and working at real weddings. But I love doing styled shoots, especially when I design them, because it’s a chance for me to just let my creative juices flow. I get to spend two hours just taking awesome creative photos. With this photo shoot I had an inspiration for a Boho Americana wedding shoot. The style was to feel a little boho or hippie but America. Kind of like Woodstock without all of the mud and drugs. But this photo of Brittany unabashedly letting the flag blow in the wind is just a huge win in my book. Plus hair and makeup by my favorite ever Ashley Huse doesn’t hurt either!

08 WEB
Brittany + Derek: Boho Americana Styled Shoot

Another bridal portrait that I just love. I’m a shortie...so any time I can get a bride to sit now so I can be below them is a happy time for me. Not ever bride is willing to sit down but I love that this one was willing to sit on the cold Solider’s and Sailor’s Monument steps. She looked beautiful and I feel like I just nailed this photo. Plus, that hair by Ashley Huse... again... KILLIN’ IT!

07 WEB
Jenny + John: Historic Union Station

Wedding Parties are fun. Trust me, they are fun. But they are difficult. Usually with an entire wedding party, including the couple, you will have around 8 people. Sometimes you can have 18 people! You never know. Usually people are drinking and likely want to continue doing so. So it’s a mad crazy time to get everyone together, smiling, and appearing to be having a good time. This wedding party was in particular super fun and fantastic. This group NAILED the fun/crazy photo. Seriously, look around at these people. Each couple is doing something fun and hilarious. So high-five to you guys for making my job easier!

06 WEB
Kim + Matt: The Mill Top, Noblesville

Let’s just say first... this. dress. The back of this dress was seriously my favorite thing ever. I also love how it was kind of a champagne color instead of stark white. I’m a big fan of the off color wedding dress. One of the reasons why I love this photo is because although it takes place in this girl’s backyard, I don’t feel like you can really tell. That treelike is what separated the bride’s backyard from her neighbors backyard. And in her neighbors backyard there was a SWIMMING POOL! If you look closely, and know what you’re looking for, yeah you can see it. But I chose a lens with a low aperture so I could shoot wide open with a nice background blur and I positioned myself in a way that you wouldn’t be looking down into the pool so it sort of melted away into the background. Plus, she’s gorgeous so that helps! I love this photo.

05 WEB
Mackenzie + Casey: Backyard Wedding

This groom is back! I love how dapper he looks! This focus of this photo is the groom’s style and his boutonniere. So you may not be able to see his whole face but you can see how handsome and stylish he was, his boutonniere, and he’s smiling cause HE JUST GOT MARRIED! I love this. Plus, he’s got that ginger hair! I love me some gingers!

04 WEB
Kim + Matt: The Mill Top, Noblesville

This girl was a freaking knock out. So natural. I love this photo because it was the first time I feel like I finally NAILED the photo under the bridge outside of The Mavris (I feel like other photographers would understand me right now.) The Mavris in Downtown Indianapolis has a large bridge right next to it and people frequently want to take photos by and/or underneath it. But the light can be rough. It’s hard because it’s very bright on one side and very dark on another. But finally, I felt like I nailed it. Plus, can I get an AMEN for this girl?! She was my model for the shoot and she was a flippin’ rockstar and she was only 16! I know!

03 WEB
Ooh La La Styled Shoot

I love couples who are unique and embrace that and showcase it through their wedding. This couple is definitely unique. Being part of the geek community all of their friends and family had similar personalities. So when gathering attire for their wedding day they told their wedding party to bring some sort of weapon with them. Swords, axes, hammers, sonic screwdrivers, and yes even a frying pan. We did a regal photo where everyone was holding their weapons but I told them, “I want you guys so look like you’re going to charge at me.” Battle cries included they obliged. Thus a one of a kind wedding party photo that I don’t know if I’m ever going to get again. I love this photo. It’s so much fun!

02 WEB
Haly + Wes: Backyard Wedding

If you’ve been following this countdown I know you guys have all seen this stunning bride. But let’s talk for a moment about her amazingness. First, I’m obsessed with her hair. I love that she has red hair and I love that she chose to wear it down. Most of the time brides will wear their hair up so it’s out of their way on their wedding day. Totally understand. But when this gorgeous bride wore her hair down and mostly off to one side I knew that I had to do this Jessica Rabbit style, one eye visible, bridal portrait. I came up with this idea at the last moment when we were doing sunset portraits and I think it’s just stunning. I hope you do too!

01 WEB
Kim + Matt: The Mill Top, Noblesville

That’s all for today. Tomorrow is the LAST countdown post. And then I will be moving on to BACK BLOGGING. I have so much wedding back blogging to do it’s crazy! So be prepared for that business! Thank you for reading and be sure to check back in tomorrow!

2015 Favorite Images of the Year // The Wedding Co...
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