2015 Favorite Images of the Year // The Wedding Couple

“I vow... to live within the warmth of your heart and to always call it home” // The Vow

This is it guys! We’ve finally come to the end of the countdown. This is a really exciting time for me because I now get to share with you the photos of couples that are seriously in love. I love couple’s portraits. It’s where I get to show off my supa skills and making people look ridiculously awesome! I’m so excited to share the final installment of the countdown. I hope all of my couples out there know that I love them all very dearly and remember that the photos I chose were based off of my use of technical skill and creativity to capture and document my clients. So check out the final 10! They’re all pretty awesome!

I love this photo because I wanted to find a way to incorporate this beautiful bouquet into their couples photos. I really loved how there was a slight touch of intimacy between their hands. Plus, that bouquet! I know it’s kind of a detail photo but with their hands touching, I felt like it was a couple photo too.

10 WEB
Ashley + Brent: The Hawthorns Golf + Country Club

This lovely couple got engaged at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument but it was under construction during their wedding and the landscape of it wasn’t the greatest. So we went to the War Memorial for some photos and I love how this photo has the monument in the background. I just love anything in Downtown Indianapolis. It’s my favorite.

09 WEB
Jenny + John: Historic Union Station, Photo Taken: Indianapolis War Memorial

I love this part of the canal and even though the sun was finally coming out and was beating on us we managed to get this super adorable photo with this wicked cool brick wall from the NCAA Hall of Fame in the background. It almost looks kind of Italian with this wall and the canal in the background. On top of that, how sweet do these two look?

08 WEB
Libby + Dave: Indiana State Museum

The Mavris can be a difficult venue to photograph in because of the lighting situation. But I’ve taken that venue and made it my... well... you know. I love this dancing photo from a ballet themed styled shoot I did there styled by Ooh La La Events. The pink uplighting and the christmas lights, plus exposed beams in the ceiling just makes me happy. These two were rockstar models.

07 WEB
Ooh La La Events Styled Shoot: The Mavris

I am a huge sucker for a flower crown. This flower crown designed by Violets Are Blue Floral Design is amazing. I love the colors and the rosemary like greenery. (As you can tell, I’m SUPER knowledgable about florals!) Either way, it was beautiful and I wanted to showcase it while these two were being cute. I love how sweet they look together. They’re an adorable couple.

06 WEB
Hippie Love Styled Shoot

When the wedding day was overcast almost all day we didn’t expect to get a sunset. So when the sunset started coming out we all ran out to The Region’s rooftop terrace to capture it! The way the sun came through the buildings is just the best! I love this photo. I love Indianapolis.

05 WEB
Lindsey + Dave: Region’s Tower

When you have a wedding ceremony at the base of a mountain you HAVE to capture it. But the mountains were everywhere, so I wanted to capture it in a unique way. The bride had rented these awesome doors to enter the ceremony through, since everything was outdoors on a farm. I decided to place my second shooter and the mother of the bride on the other side of the doors to hold them open just a little bit so you can see the mountains but also see the doors. In the end I think it turned out to be the perfect photo to show off their beautiful southern wedding ceremony location!

04 WEB
Rashel + Michael: Grandview, Lookout Mountain, GA

Ahhh... sunset. I love it. I ask all of my couples if they would like to go out and break for some sunset photos. This couple was definitely up for it. So we went to The Mill Top’s rooftop terrace and got some sunset light action! It was definitely worth it. I love the bride’s smile because it was a natural laugh from her groom kissing and dipping her back. Plus, those flowers are for real! Again by Violets Are Blue Floral Design!

03 WEB
Kim + Matt: The Mill Top, Noblesville

Okay, so let me remind you that with this couple we didn’t think we were even going to have a sunset at all! So when we had a RAINBOW we just had to go out. We had to. And if you’re wondering if I did something to the sky... no. It was really that pink. All I had to do was brighten up my couple a bit. This photo is killer. It’s not every day you have a rainbow at your wedding!

02 WEB
Lindsey + Dave: Region’s Tower

So here it is. Number one. The number one of all of the number ones. This photo is hands down one of my favorite photos of the year. First, let me say, that it was a HARD choice between this one and the rainbow one. The reason why I felt this one wins over the rainbow is that the entire look of this photo was intentionally planned by me. Whereas the rainbow just happened and I photographed accordingly. Early on in her wedding planning process I told the bride I thought her wedding would be a prime opportunity to use a colored smoke bomb for her portraits. So I purchased some colored smoke bombs and we went to a secluded area of the family property we were on and lit them off. This photo just gets me every time. I love how sweet they look plus this wicked red smoke behind them. Totally killer. Totally a winner!

01 WEB
Lindsey + Eric: Backyard Wedding


That’s it everyone! That’s my Top 50 Favorite Images of 2015! Thank you for joining me for this! Thank you to ALL of my clients for being amazing and trusting me to document your day. Every single on of my clients are amazing and I love them. I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds! Now it’s time to get some back blogging done!!



If vendors/credit isn’t below it’s because it is listed in the photo’s description

Florals :: Flowers by Suze

Dress :: Sincerity by Justin Alexander from Posie Patch Bridal Store
Tux :: Ike Behar from Louie’s Tux Shop

Dress :: David’s Bridal
Tux :: Men’s Wearhouse

Planner/Designer :: Ooh La La Events
Venue :: The Mavris
Dress :: Nancy’s Bridal Boutique

Florals + Flower Crown :: Violets Are Blue Floral Design

Dress :: Posie Patch Bridal Superstore
Suit :: Kenneth Cole: Men’s Wearhouse

Vintage Rental Company :: Heirloom Vintage Rentals
Dress :: Vera Wang
Tux :: Vera Wang from Men’s Wearhouse

Florals :: Violets Are Blue Floral Design
Venue :: The Mill Top

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