2015 Favorite Images of the Year // Moments

“Life is all about moments of impact, and how they change our lives forever.” // The Vow

Moments are what make my job worth doing. If all I did was take pretty posed photos for people I would just feel like... "whooo look at this other photo I made." Instead I would rather come home and say, "WHOOO! LOOK AT THIS MOMENT I CAPTURED!" I love capturing fantastic memories for people and telling their story through carefully planned out portraits with their very unplanned moments. Moments are what makes this job the best. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. So, with that being said, let's get on to it!

These two ladies are by far some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I was beyond thrilled to photograph their wedding and when they chose to have their private first look at The Milltop’s rooftop terrace I knew it would be a perfect backdrop. This moment of Christin checking out her bride was definitely a moment for the books.

10 WEB
Sarah + Christin: The Mill Top, Noblesville

First dances are some of my FAVORITE moments. Usually when I’m photographing the first dance I have to take one little moment to myself to just enjoy watching the couple enjoy their little time together. But my favorite part about first dances is it’s one of the first chances the couple can really just be together, laugh, smile, kiss, and hold each other. And although everyone is watching them, to them it feels like they’re the only ones in the room. Which is why moments like this unfold. And it’s my favorite. Love this. And I love these two.

09 WEB
Mackenzie + Casey: Backyard Wedding

I am definitely a sucker for two things. One is a great dad moment. Oh man, when the Father of the Bride gets teary I’m snapping like crazy. Mother of the Groom as well (could be because I’m a Momma of a boy!) But the other one for me, is when the groom gets emotional. Or at least get’s really excited about something. This groom shows up TWICE in this list, because trust me... you will see. But this awesome moment is when he sees his bride walking toward him for the first time. He was definitely taken back. It was beautiful!

08 WEB
Amanda + Brad: The Oakwood Resort

Remember how I mentioned I love groom reactions! I love this moment where he sees his HOT PINK HAIR’D bride for the first time. He was pretty excited and that’s a genuine smile. I loved it!

07 WEB
Stephanie + Alan: The Indiana Historical Society

I love this moment for two reasons. One, it’s a first dance and well... we already mentioned that. Two, twinkkkkleee lighttsssss! Y’all know how I feel about twinkle lights! I also love that this was shot with a 70-200mm lens as close to 200mm as I could get... so I know that this moment was a true moment between the two of them and not a pose for the camera. They were in their own little world so much they probably didn’t even know where I was!

06 WEB
Libby + Dave: The Indiana State Museum

TEARS! Tears are always the best! I know brides are always worried about the ugly cry but I promise you, the minute I see a slight welling of a tear in someone’s eye I’m all camera pointed, trigger ready! I loved how emotional this bride got while her maid of honor was giving a speech. It was perfect. And definitely not an ugly cry! Graceful tears! What more could you ask for!

05 WEB
Kim + Matt: The Mill Top, Noblesville

I told you this lovely gentleman would show up again in this countdown! And that’s because it’s not every day when your wife-to-be surprises you with a MOTORCYCLE on your wedding day! Yes, you read correctly, a MOTORCYCLE! Although it snowed their whole wedding day we did not let that stop us from surprising this groom with this sweet ride and photographing it... heavily. I just loved his reaction. He was pretty much speechless!

04 WEB
Amanda + Brad: The Oakwood Resort

If y’all are anything like me you still use pinky promises as a legitimate foundation of trust. Like for reals, you can’t break the pinky promise. So if you’re wondering what’s going on here they’re pinky promising NOT to wreck each other during their cake cutting. Which I think is hilarious and adorable. And I think someone is supposed to lose a pinky, because I remember a little cake smash-age that day! Either way, love this moment of these two!

03 WEB
Jenny + John: Historic Union Station

Okay, let’s say this first. Trying to get a small band off of your new wife’s thigh... under her dress... while likely intoxicated... in front of on lookers... and then expected to throw it behind your head... did I mention you’re probably intoxicated? Yes? Okay... well then ALSO throw this band in any sort of direction that someone MIGHT catch it, is already a difficult task. (At least for me! Bad coordination plus alcohol is never a good thing!) But then you throw in your new wife covering your eyes (IS SHE TRYING TO MAKE MY LIFE MISERABLE ALREADY?!) I am surprised that he made the garter anywhere near the group of gentlemen trying to catch it! On the bright side... it made for a GREAT photo.

02 WEB
Rashel + Michael: Grandview, Lookout Mountain, GA

Toasts a difficult to photograph creatively. They become a little monotonous, because, how many photos can you take of one person talking and two people listening before they all start to look the same. You’re really only in business if someone laughs (typical), cries (less likely), or does something kind of crazy (even less likely). But when they go for the hug after the toast sometimes there’s an opportunity for a fantastic moment. I love this moment because I feel like it’s a joining of lives. The bride is hugging her maid of honor after her speech while the maid of honor is toasting the groom. Usually the maid of honor was friends with the bride BEFORE meeting her groom, so that’s her life pre-groom. So when you know that your pre-groom friends and your groom get along... life’s good. I feel like this photo says, “I love you, and life is good.”

01 WEB
Lindsey + Dave: Region’s Tower


Alright everyone! Thanks for checking in again today and following along with my series of blog posts! Only two more to go! Wedding Portraits and Wedding COUPLE portraits. Tomorrow is Wedding Portraits, so be prepared for some handsome grooms, beautiful brides, and FUN wedding parties! Until tomorrow everyone... keep on, keepin’ on!

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