2015 Favorite Images of the Year // Engagements

“If you like it then you should've put a ring on it.” // Beyoncé aka Queen Bey

We all know the immortal words of the ever wise Beyoncé. If you like it. Then you should put a ring on it. I’m happy to say that I get to photograph TONS of couples who have put a ring on it. And if they haven’t they’re still in awesome relationships regardless. Engagement sessions are so much fun and in my opinion extremely important. I get a chance to get to know you. You get a chance to get to know me. We get to talk, take pictures, hang out. And you walk away with awesome photos of you where you’re in normal people clothes and not a big white dress and a tux. It’s a win-win-win situation! I love love love engagement sessions because I have more time to be creative and create some awesome photos for people.

So, if you’ve been following my countdown, welcome back. And if not, welcome to the second installment. Let’s get right to it then, huh?

Okay, so you’re going to realize REALLY quickly that I love, love, loooooove silhouettes! I may or may not have put three of them in this Top 10 countdown. I couldn’t help myself. I just love it! Plus c’mob that sunset on the lake?! I die!

10 WEB
Sarah + Steffan: Brown County State Park

As a photographer I have a photo bucket list. Photos I’ve come up with, locations I want to try, things I want to do. I had always been DYING to get a couple to stand in a creek or river. When Brittany asked for some photos in the river by where her and Cody had their first kiss of course I was JUMPING at the occasion. Plus, these two just killed it for their whole engagement session. Bucket list.. checked.

09 WEB
Brittany + Cody: Lion’s Park, Zionsville, IN

Gah, sunset! It’s my favorite. But I especially love sunset most when I’m in the middle of a field with a fantastic couple. These two were such naturals in front of the camera, there really just isn’t much to say other than that their love is perfection!

08 WEB
Toni + Miah: Cool Creek Park

Again, another bucket list photo. Do you know how long I’ve tried to perfect the laying down photo? Laying down photos always look so effortless but in reality someone’s head is usually too far back and they look uncomfortable and the loving nature of the photo doesn’t get portrayed. But this time, I figured it out. Plus, all of those golden leaves?! I call this a win in my book!

07 WEB
Cara + Nick: Zionsville, IN

I’m most definitely a sucker for fall portraits. Despite how crazy fall portraits can be I love those fall leaves. Rachel said she wanted to find a way to do a photo on this bridge. I wanted to do it in a way that featured the leaves though, because a lot of the trees surrounding were dead. Except this one bunch of trees. I put them in front of the tress on the bridge, used my telephoto lens and boom. This shot makes my world. Plus, c’mon, they’re the cutest.

06 WEB
Rachel + Matt: Holcomb Gardens

Remember how I mentioned that I love silhouettes?! Well here’s another fabulous silhouette PLUS another bucket list session! I did a State Fair session many years ago but I had been wanting to do another one badly but could never get anyone on board for it! And although this lovely couple weren’t just engaged they were celebrating their anniversary at their first date location! Just after dusk, with the ferris wheel all lit up in the background. This is the Indiana State Fair... right here.

05 WEB
Jason + Christine: Indiana State Fairgrounds

Another bucket list location! And another couple that technically aren’t engaged! (So don’t get any ideas friends and family!) But this amazing couple was totally down for anything and we drove out to a flipping waterfall! Who would have though there would be waterfalls in Indiana! Like, real, legitimate waterfalls. PLUS they’re learning swing dancing. So they did a little dance on top of a waterfall. Bucket list... checked... again!

04 WEB
Kelsey + Seth: Cataract Falls

First of all, these two are ridiculously cool. They don’t know it and would never admit it, but they are. Put these two ridiculously cool people on top of a rooftop in Downtown Indianapolis at sunset and you get this photo. I feel lucky to call them my friends. I just love this photo. I love it.

03 WEB
Lindsey + Eric: Sheraton Rooftop Downtown Indianapolis

I told you guys there were three silhouettes! I love this one! Top of a parking garage in downtown Indy at sunset overlooking their wedding venue. I always say, the parking garage is the unsung hero of the urban sunset engagement session! The colors in that sunset are for reals to die for.

02 WEB
Jenny + John: Downtown Indianapolis

TAAAA-DAAAAAA! Number one! If you haven’t seen my Instagram or Facebook post about this photo then you wouldn’t know that this just embodies exactly what I love about sunset engagement sessions. Warm glow over my clients, in an open field, while they’re lovin’ on each other. It’s exactly how I feel love should be portrayed. Just like this. With all of this love and warmth.

01 WEB
Andrea + Andy: Potter’s Bridge Park

That’s it for today’s post everyone! Thank you so much for sharing in this little countdown! Join me tomorrow for the next installment of my countdown... MOMENTS! Until then, thanks everyone!

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